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Unlocking Success

Incorporated in Malaysia by the Companies Commission of Malaysia, FM Global Business Consulting is a Management Consulting & Business Advisory Firm. Using our own 13+ years of experience in the Malaysian business sector, our team of experienced professionals helps & guide new entrepreneurs & individuals interested in establishing their own businesses in the country.

By working together with the most reliable Company Secretaries and Trust Companies in Malaysia for more than a decade, our team takes pride in providing consultation and guidance to local and foreign businessmen, by counselling and assisting them on the Malaysian Business rules, regulations, and procedures they need to undergo during business establishment.

Today, we offer you the opportunity to enter the Malaysian business sector and become one of its most profitable members. Rest assured that you will be working alongside honest and knowledgeable professionals who can also guarantee the best value and resources.

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Expertise and Experience

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In-Depth Knowledge

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Trusted Partnerships

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Tailored Guidance


By seeking guidance from us, you can be sure that you made the right choice!

Since day one, our mission has always been to help Individuals & Businesses globally to achieve their Investments, Personal & Organizational Expansion and Development Goals by providing them with quality, superior and reliable advice & consultation on setting up of offshore and onshore companies.

With a wide network of our partners in Malaysia, Indonesia, Mauritius, Singapore, Dubai, Turkey and in South America, we have successfully assisted many individuals and companies in past more than 10 years from various background to set-up their businesses to meet their regional and international expansion goals quickly in an efficient manner. 

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Legal & Trusted

Where Trust Meets Excellence



We’ve worked hard to offer smart, flexible, and affordable services that benefit all of our customers. No matter what your needs are, our team of experts will go out of their way to customize our solutions to exceed your expectations.

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What Client Says About FMGBCM

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Ahmed Abbas Accountant

Working with FM Global Business Consulting was a game-changer for our expansion into Malaysia. Their expertise and meticulous guidance ensured a smooth entry into the market. A truly reliable partner in every sense.

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Sara Malik IT Specialist

FM Global made our dream of establishing a business in Malaysia a reality. Their team's commitment to detail and understanding of local regulations set them apart. Highly recommended for anyone venturing into Malaysian markets!

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Bilal Khan Marketing Executive

Impressed by the professionalism of FM Global Consulting. Their in-depth knowledge and strategic insights played a pivotal role in our successful business setup in Malaysia. Trustworthy and results-driven.

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Amina Ahmed Teacher

FM Global Consulting exceeded our expectations. Their personalized approach and comprehensive services made our entry into the Malaysian business sector seamless. A top-notch consultancy with a client-centric focus.

Fmglobalmalaysia portrait of handsome young arab man smiling and lo XHBVC4Z
Kareem Khan Engineer

Exceptional service from FM Global Business Consulting. Their team's responsiveness and ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes made a significant impact on our business launch in Malaysia. A reliable partner for growth.

Fmglobalmalaysia young arabic muslim woman in hijab walking at stre US67PBU
Fatima Ali Nurse

Grateful for FM Global's support in establishing our wellness spa in Malaysia. Their attention to detail, coupled with a deep understanding of local nuances, ensured a hassle-free process. Highly recommended for entrepreneurs seeking a trusted advisor.

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FM GLOBAL BUSINESS CONSULTING MALAYSIA is not a Licensed Trust Company nor a licensed Company Secretarial Firm. We are purely Business Advisory and Management Consultancy Firm registered in Malaysia by Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

We take no responsibility for any loss, damage, liability or action arising as a result of using the information obtained from this website. The content of this website has been posted for general information purposes only. All users of this site are strongly recommended to consult their respective advisors, company secretary, accountant, lawyer or tax agent prior to taking any action based on the information obtained from our website.

The information contained in this internet site does not constitute an offer of FMGLOBAL SERVICES products or services. FM Global Business Consulting Malaysia reserves all rights to refuse any application and does not guarantee the success of any application.

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